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Meetyou Technology CO., Limited  Is a global supplier and exporter of electronic components, specializing in the production of CPU, memory, PC/service peripherals, LCD panels, active and passive components. Through its efforts and persistence in the field of electronic industry, Meetyou has been recognized and supported by many new and old customers.

Meetyou Technology CO., Limited  Provide various inventory business solutions to meet customers' needs, which enables us to work with customers to provide the best ROI for their excess inventory. Today, we maintain close business relations with many manufacturers and agents and share inventory information with each other, which ensures our customers' best pricing of materials and confidence in outdated, short, urgent and difficult to find components.

  • Service

  • Efficiency

  • Flexible

  • Innovation

  • ppv project service

    With a global procurement network, we can help customers quickly and effectively discover potential resources around the world to reduce procurement costs

  • Inventory management

    Quickly and effectively handle inventory, becoming an indispensable means for companies to revitalize funds and increase their competitive advantage


We purchase and sell CPU, Memory, PC/Service Peripherals,
LCD panels, Active and Passive components.

Active parts

Active parts

Passive Parts

Passive Parts



PC&Server Parts

PC&Server Parts


Meetyou sources components from qualified and reliable vendors. Our vendor rating system assures that we receive only top quality parts. And all these suppliers will be continuously evaluated, classified and monitored..

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